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Channel : Shyamal Saumil · on 18-05-2020 01:30:11 PM
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The world today is undergoing unprecedented times due to a seemingly minuscule virus but having caused gigantic repercussions. India too is hit hard, with Gujarat being one of the worst affected states. Even after two months in lockdown, a significant journey is yet to be covered.
But time and again through the course of history, it has been established that no matter how trying the situation, nothing has subdued our undying spirit. The night may be long, the journey may be arduous, but a bright new morning is inevitable. Gujarat has always emerged victorious and so it shall be.
“Jeeti jashe Gujarat” is our musical endeavor to remind and unite every Gujarati that together we can, and together we will win against this invisible enemy. This song has been recorded, mixed, edited and performed at the comfort of our homes with technology as the enabler. We thank everyone who came together for this cause to show the world that “Jeeti jashe Gujarat”.

મારું જીતી જશે રે ગુજરાત (૩)
ના હારશું અમે હિંમત
કે ખૂટશે ના ધીરજ
આ સમય પણ બદલાશે
પડકારે ગુજરાતી સાથ
જન જન સૌ એક થઈ
લડશે આ જંગ ત્યારે
જીતી જશે ગુજરાત

ઉત્તરથી દક્ષિણ ને
પૂરવથી પશ્ચિમ છે
રખવાળા ઈશ્વરના અમને
આરોગ્ય,રક્ષણ ને સેવારત દેવો
આજ આદરથી વંદન છે તમને
નથી રહેવાની કાયમ આ રાત(૩)
અવનીને ઘેરતું અંધારું જાશે ને ઊગશે સોનેરી પ્રભાત
મારું જીતી જશે રે ગુજરાત ( ૨)
મારું જીતી જશે ગુજરાત

Singers: Aarti Munshi, Dyuti Vachchharajani, Gargi Vora, Nayana Sarma, Sampada Vora, Bhumik Shah, Dhruvish Shah, Dhyey Vachchharajani, Praher Vora, Shyamal Munshi, Saumil Munshi
Lyrics: Tushar Shukla
Arrangement & Programming: Sanket Khandekar
Mixing: Anuprit Khandekar
Poster Design: Karan Wadhwani
Editing: Shreeji Films
Proudction Support: Hardik Joshi, Jigisha Jani, Gopal Padhiyar, Malove Divatia, Shetal Bhatt
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